Organic Food

Ham and Bean Soup

I love ham and beans but the old version of my recipe did not settle with my body anymore. Ham can make me sick and cause serious inflammation so I found using uncured ham is a much better choice if your trying to eat naturally. If your lucky you can […]

Easy Grilled Shrimp Bake

Shrimp bakes sound so complicated and expensive! We’v been able to simplify the idea of a shrimp bake and make it easy and not too hard on the pocket book. If your looking for a dish that will impress, you found it.

Organic Lemony Thyme Asparagus/ Paleo/Vegetarian

Roasting asparagus is one of the best ways to cook asparagus and have it keep its flavor. It’s beyond easy and is done perfectly in just minutes in a 400-degree oven.   Asparagus is full of vitamin  A, E, C, K, folic acid as well as chromium.  In addition, asparagus is […]

Natural Southwestern Chili

Natural Southwestern Chili Gluten Free/Paleo Recipe Included Chili Bowl Chili is always a favorite. Everyone has their preferred version. Thick and hearty or brothy and spicy. This chili recipe has won awards. It calls for fresh roasted green chilies, which is why the name includes “Southwestern”. […]