Bringing Old Fashioned Home Cooking into the Arena of Natural Urban Fare Cuisine

I believe when most people think of me, Cheryl Lee Clason Richard, they think “FOOD”.  I am the mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, work associate,  and friend who makes mouthwatering food that brings memories of many childhood days to the forefront of their tongues.  I remind them how food use to taste.  My cooking style is old fashioned, natural and healthy. The exciting thing is that my food is getting even better now that I’ve gone rogue, on the clean food side of things.

Due to growing health concerns, all of us are rethinking how we cook and what ingredients we use now that knowledge is spreading about how many poisons are in the foods sitting on the grocery shelves.

In my kitchen, the number of natural ingredients has grown by leaps and bounds. I have always cooked food from scratch, but my technique has gone even more in-depth as far as clean food staples.

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Items such as bone broth, homemade stocks, dressing, gravies, soups are made with organic products and are created from the ground up.  I have been learning how to cook with gluten-free products and coconut products, as well as only choosing local, natural meats, if possible.

Bringing Old Fashioned Home Cooking into the Arena of Natural Urban Fare CuisineI make my cream soups from scratch using coconut milk instead of dairy; I use gluten-free pasta in dishes and incorporate sausage I made myself instead of using Jimmy Dean. In addition to infused water, colorful smoothies, fresh juices, and cereal made out of beans which are all daily choices now.

My cooking has improved! How do you say? Like by making my barbecue sauce with natural ingredients instead of buying a well-branded bottle off the shelf I’ve heard about on the Teli, only to realize that there are over 50 ingredients in that one item. By learning that I absolutely love coconut milk better than using cream in soup.  By not buying my meats at the big box stores and supporting a local meat market and buying natural meat.  My experiences have been an exciting adventure, and I invite you all to experience it.  Make your favorite dishes, just figure out how to leave the crap out.  Yes, you can make fried chicken and gravy, just do it natural style.  Fry your natural, free range chicken in organic coconut oil. Make your own chicken stock for your gravy.  Use organic potatoes that were grown to be lower in sugars and carbs. Use Arrowroot to thicken your sauce, instead of flour.  Simple changes that make a significant impact on your bodies health.

I am feeling so much better, in fact, I can barely eat out at restaurants without paying dearly for it. Sick stomach, swelling in all body parts, headaches, anxiety, thyroid issue are just the beginning for me, when I eat fake food.  I promise if you incorporate some of these ideas in your life; you too will begin to notice how your body improves with clean food.

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