Can you taste the fake crap in our food?

Can you taste the fake crap in our food?

If not, you need to figure it out.

OrganicI’m one of the millions of people who have felt the effects on the toxic shit they put in our food. For the last 20 years or so, I have had issues.  It started with me feeling like I was having heart problems. I went to the expense and the pain in the butt experience of wearing a heart monitor for a few days, which sucked.  All my tests came back ok; my heart worked great, which was good, but heart palpitations and the feeling of anxiety and the sense of being on speed,  after eating out in a restaurant were a typical experience for me and had never gone away.

Now I have more intense and complicated health issues. Such as my thyroid gland and tonsils swelling, along with asthma attacks if I eat many food items with preservatives, such as nitrates and soy, yes, freaking soy.

I have had to log and track what I have been eating to find what the hell is going inside my body.

I certainly haven’t gotten any answers from going to the doctor.  I believe that most doctors think we’re  crazy for thinking our food is making us sick (which is what doctors are taught in medical school, sad but true).  My findings and realizations have come from me putting on my private investigator’s hat and doing tons of research.

As I have been forced to be a label reading Nazi and buy natural and organic food products,  I have acquired a 7th sense, an extraordinary power within my taste buds. I can taste fake food products, preservatives, and chemicals in most foods. And to my amazement and surprise, most organic prepackaged foods, veggies and meats, tastes like food use to taste.

The levels of toxicity in our food have massively expanded in the ten years. Most people can remember how our food use to taste.  If you’re not an organic food buyer, simply try them out. If you’re not having health issues yet from the crap they put in our food, trying buying organic, just for the taste. You will love the taste and the texture of the prepacked organic food.  Of course,  buying organic veggies and free range and grass fed meat also tastes like meat use to taste.

Buying organic is a win-win and will force companies to do the right thing, and stop feeding us inorganic, fake food.

Cheryl Richard

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