Vitamix Crush

Vitamix Crush

I’m a foodie from way back, back before food was cool. My passion for cooking and food has been an intense love affair since childhood. My happiest moments are in the kitchen or outside on the grill. I plan and plot my food adventures of the week, and if company or entertaining is in the future, my heart sings and my mind starts racing with ideas to create the perfect menu, theme, and atmosphere for my guests to be astonished by and most of the time, I succeed.

Vitamix Crush

Being a professional cook and caterer for over 20 years,  I have many kitchen gadgets, parts and pieces as tools in my kitchen. Every few years I go through and clean out what I no longer need or use. Garage sale or donation box, these items go, in reality, $100’s of dollars worth of kitchen gadgets that sounded so good on their advertisements, but failed to deliver and that I am gladly giving away to reduce the clutter in my kitchen cupboards.

As I have progressed with my cooking skills, I have only a few pieces of equipment I use and even fewer still of these pieces of equipment actually get front and center counter space, except my Vitamix.

My Vitamix is my special one; It has prime counter top placement. The other kitchen equipment sits in envy of how often its gets used, touched, washed, dried and placed ever so gently back in the revered spot on the granite.

My Vitamix gets to travel and sit shotgun beside the dogs as we go across country. My son and daughter in law say, make sure to bring the Vitamix so we can make cocktails or lemon basil oil or rice flour. I take my Vitamix on trips and vacations with family and friends to show the Vitamix off. As I cook away, they can see what an awesome tool it is and how they shouldn’t live without one,  You need one I say, make the monthly payments; there is no interest and score yourself a Vitamix. Your kitchen life will never be the same!

Orange Watermelon CocktailI use my Vitamix at least once a day. I recall on a busy cooking day; the number was seven different times in one day! Making seven different items from breakfast thru dinner. Throw in the plastic container, let is work its magic,  rinse and repeat.  It’s that simple and sweet.

So I say to anyone reading this love letter to my Vitamix, if you don’t have one, you’re missing out on a simple pleasure of life in the kitchen. Get one, read the lovely cookbooks they come with and get creative and cook. Cook away, make your own dressings, your own flours, your own butters, your own ice creams, your own smoothies. Make that Chili Colorado with dried chilies without straining the seeds, make those onions and bell peppers disappear from you tomato sauce because your picky kids won’t eat them. Make the best dressing with real fruit,  and smoothies with no ice chunks. Make the best damn watermelon margarita you’ve ever had and then wash her up, place her on your counter top and be thankful for the simple pleasures and healthful food you can whip up with ease, with your Vitamix.

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Post By Yum So Fresh Co-Owner Cheryl Richard

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