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Food issues seem to be exploding all around us. I knew there were people with gluten problems, stomach problems, food allergies and so forth from my experience with my middle daughter, Aryonna. She started having stomach issues around 19 years of age. It seemed to start once she left our home for college and started eating more junk food and campus food. She had some stomach problems at home, but not often, when she did have an episode, Aryonna would have horrible stomach pain, and end up, throwing up, most of the time.   She had complained to me about being sick, but from afar I didn’t realize how sick she was until we were shopping for clothes and I was with her in the dressing room. I just about freaked out. I knew she had lost weight, but helping her try on clothes, I saw with my own eyes how incredibly thin she had gotten.

The first thing we did was get her to a doctor, then another doctor, they ordered tests and more tests. They found nothing wrong with her. Every time she ate, she got sick to her stomach which caused debilitating pain. It was a horrible, trying time for her and our family. We are one of the lucky ones and took her to a local Naturopathic doctor and within a couple of visits and some vitamins and probiotics, she was on the mend. She wasn’t  healed, but she learned how to function with her food issues. She eats organic, clean, healthy, natural food. She can’t eat much sugar, fast food, restaurant food or junk food. If she does, she gets sick and has to deal with the unbelievable pain these foods cause her body.

Buying PowerA year ago I was hired as a restaurant consultant, and I started the areas first drive-thru restaurant serving organic paleo and vegetarian health food. The hut was a huge success with people who had to eat healthy. All of our food was gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and homemade from scratch food.

Every day there was a new person with a different story on the health issues they were dealing with. I could not believe the number of individuals who had serious food issues! Young people, senior citizens, men, and women. Story after story, after heartbreaking story.  I’ve never had such appreciate customers!  Healthy clean food,  that tastes amazing!  Yes, it can be done and they loved my food.

The last six months I’ve  had some serious health issues myself. I’ve  tracked a significant part of it down to nitrates and sulfates and other preservatives in the food.  I have to be super vigilant on what foods I eat, or my thyroid swells so large, it blocks my airways. Gluten and soy seem to affect my thyroid gland as well. Pretty serious issues, if you ask me.

My conclusion on all of these so-called food sensitivities and food allergies is that our human bodies can’t handle or digest fake inorganic food!  It’s that simple!  Stop putting fake food products and chemicals in our food, as well as preventing the growing of the Genetically modified foods on a mass scale.  Even if you don’t have any issues yet, odds are you or your family will. By buying organic, natural food and not supporting the companies feeding us poisons, you will help change the food platform in this country. It’s already starting to happen, and it can’t be soon enough.

It’s going to take the mighty dollar to force the corporate food companies to change their poisonous tune. So I ask all level headed Americans to start buying those organic products and use your buying power to ensure the future of food,  look more natural.

Cheryl Richards

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