Thrive Market, changing the landscape of organic food buying

Because of Whole Foods and other natural food grocery stores popularity, we see an escalating trend of clean, natural, chemical, and preservative free foods in the marketplace today.  The organic food industry is growing at a rate of about 11% each year, and as of 2015, the organic food industry has generated over 43.3 billion dollars and increasing rapidly. Other store chains such as Costco and Walmart are jumping on pure food bandwagon, offering huge competition and lower pricing when it comes to natural food choices. These changes are occurring mainly because the people have spoken and have taken it upon themselves to use the power of the all mighty dollar in resculpting the food market. We are no longer naïve to the full-scale poisoning that has been happening the last 20 plus years on the grocery shelves of America.

Thrive MarketAll of “US” organic food supporters are thrilled to see the natural food sections of our local stores expanding with choices and options coming in with a bit less of a price tag. I am a huge supporter of shopping local and supporting your areas local retailers, especially your Mom and Pop companies out there, fighting the man to keep their doors open and live their passions. So by all means, support local and strive to spend your dollars with local companies doing things right.

In some areas of the country,  the ringing in of the organic food theme has come quicker than others, and in some parts of the United States, the word organic: well, it’s a dirty word and anyone who goes there is wrong.  My daughter lives in a small town in Texas where there are very few organic or natural food options for her to purchase.  I live in Idaho, and I am treading on thin ice talking organic to area farmers or even my friends, in some cases. And I have to admit, some of the prices on the organic staples I buy are extremely expensive. So when I stumbled upon Thrive Market, I was thrilled to see an on-line option that offers lower prices to their consumer, while delivering the products right to your door.

I’ve used several times now and love being able to get the products I can’t get local and save money while doing it. The boxes come beautifully packed, with a ThankYou note in each order. The pricing is lower on most items I purchase,  or at least around the same price, locally.  My daughter loves because her organic world just opened wide.  This type of company is brilliant! Giving people who can’t get these products locally,  a purchasing option.

Companies such as Thrive Market has brought in a lower price point for organic and natural products and will help shape the pricing and be a product launching point for new companies coming into the scene.

I am excited to see what will transpire in the next few years! The natural, organic food buzz is catching on, and companies are seeing that they can make money cutting out the fake crap from our food. Our buying power speaks volumes, and we are speaking loud and clear!  Grocery store shelves will keep evolving, and big corporate giants will have to shift, and that my friends, is a great thing.

Cheryl Richard
Co-Owner Yum So Fresh
Owner Meal Manager

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