Paleo Grass Fed Organic Flat Iron Steak with Rosemary Mushroom Sauce

Flat Iron Steaks are delicious! One of the industries best-kept secrets. the Flat Iron is an affordable cut of steak that has great flavor, tenderness, and can remind you of a thin Filet mignon. The next time you have company coming for dinner, ask your meat market about Flat Irons Steaks.  You will love the flavor and the cost.

Cooking steaks in a cast iron skillet is one of the best ways to create a nicely caramelized steak, perfectly medium rare, and in this recipe, you use the steak drippings to make a yummy mushroom sauce, so it’s a win-win. There is nothing like using the steak dripping to make the most flavorful gravy.

Once you cook your steak, always rest time for at least 10 minutes under foil. That allows for those mouthwatering juices to soak back into your steak.


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