Healthy Smoothie for Thyroid/ Paleo/ Vegetarian/ Sugar Free/ Dairy Free/ Gluten Free

I believe that food is the best medicine for your body and this super healthy smoothie was created to help heal your thyroid.  I have been struggling with my thyroid for many years, but this last year has been horrible. My thyroid swells up and hurts and throbs. It literally closes my esophagus, and I can’t breathe!    My hair is falling out, my skin is dry, not to mention my mood and mind focusing problems. I have done lots of research into Hashimotos, wich is an autoimmunity disorder and the disease I have been diagnosed with. The doctors tell me one solution is to radiate my thyroid, and the other is to take it out.  Neither works for me, so I am healing my body with diet. This smoothie recipe is one my daughter perfected for me.

Using the Vita-Mix machine, it’s easy to bring pure, clean, organic food into your diet and start the healing process. The ingredients below are in the category of Thyroid friendly and healing foods.

I use all organic ingredients if I can find them. I know the list of items is long, but this recipe is to help start to heal thyroid issues. It’s a bit expensive to gather all of the ingredients as well. But you will render many smoothies from the ingredients, such as the flax seeds and chia seeds.

When I go to the store to purchase healthy, organic, clean, natural foods and my grocery bill is out of the park, I reason with myself about the costs of one doctor’s visit. One round of blood work, and yet another doctor’s visit to a specialist.

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