Mexican Veggie Burger

Gluten Free Mexican Veggie Burger

Vegetarian Burgers are the bomb!  I was surprised when I started working with vegetarian recipes and looking for vegetarian products how many chemical laden products there was on the shelves.  I think most of us assume that with vegetarian food, we believe  it would be healthy.  The majority of canned,  frozen or prepackaged products were not good for you.

One of my favorite things to make at the healthy fast food restaurant I was hired to start, was our veggie burgers. You can be creative and use so many different items. They are a wonderful way to clean out the frig!

Mexican Veggie BurgerI do have some favorite veggies I like in the burgers. Cabbage and corn being two of the top picks. I like to use brown rice and quinoa, as well as lentils. You can make a Mexican flavored mix, or Asian or Greek; the sky’s the limit. The main thing to remember is to let them sit over night and come together before you patty them, and make sure they have the correct moisture content. They need to be sticky but not too wet, or they fall apart.

Baking them is another secret. So much easier, less greasy and baking them helps them stay together.

Make large batches and bake in the oven. Put them in a plastic container and freeze with parchment between the burgers. You can grab what you need for dinner and have a good supply of fast, healthy food on hand.

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