Cooking With Love

Cooking From Scratch With Love

I’m grateful for having a mom that instilled the knowledge and importance of cooking from scratch with love. I know that her mom and grandma took pride in what they put on the table for their families, and I am thankful that those family values have stayed with me, my sisters and my children. I love hearing the stories of how my Grandma Ruth could take the only three ingredients that were sitting in the fridge or cupboard of their childhood home and created a delicious meal. My mom told me she never knew they were poor,  because  Grandma Ruth hid the truth, with love.

Cooking With Love

The last 30 years the art of cooking with health and love has seemed to disappear.  The convenience of prepackaged food hit the American pantry shelves fast and furious, and the art of cooking from scratch appears to die.

Food and meal time should be a sacred time for families.  Yes, you can create beautiful memories with cheap hot dogs, and store bought macaroni salad, but may I ask you, why the hell would you?

The facts are out in plain sight on the toxins and poisons that 70% of all the food in the American grocery stores. The information is out there. Time to wake up! A can of cream of mushroom soup that is full of massive amounts of sodium, chemicals, preservatives, and fake food ingredients is not a good choice, if your cooking with love.

My soul feels better as I see an insurgence in cooking from scratch. Cooking with fresh ingredients and the making of homemade cream of mushrooms soup, with real food products.

If you are reading this piece, I ask that you find the time to make a homemade dish with heart for your next family meal. Bring a homemade dish to the next party you attend, or family reunion or church event.  Let’s bring back to “Good Old Day’s, and make homemade food, that’s not from a can.  Yes, you’re busy, yes, it takes a bit more time, but cooking from scratch with love is critical for the health of our bodies, minds, and souls,  and well worth our time.  Let’s teach our children the importance of cooking from scratch with love. My heart sings when my kids call me for a family recipe or when they take my recipe and change it up and make it their own.

As you take the sacred art of cooking and incorporate it in your life, you will see a healthier family, and you may even find more peace and gratitude on a daily basis.  Cooking from scratch with love is a bit of magic on this planet and an important step to take, for a better life.

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