The Best Damn Natural Bloody Marys

The Best Damn Natural Bloody Marys

The Best Damn Natural Bloody Marys

The Best Damn Natural Bloody MarysI love bloody marys! They bring back happy memories of camping, the lake, family, friends, football games and delicious brunches. I’ve made my own mix for years. I never cared for the vast amount of sodium and crap they put in the pre-made mixes, and besides, most taste nasty.

The last few years, I have had to keep it to drinking just one bloody mary, if I had one at all.  I swell up, feel bloated and get a sick feeling when I drink them. It sucked because I love them!  I got to looking at the ingredients I used to make the mixture.  The horseradish, the Worcestershire sauce, the tomato juice all had tons of sodium, preservatives, and chemicals. Most of the words, I couldn’t even pronounce!  I’ve learned that you really need to watch your labels on everything. Who would have thought that horseradish would be so toxic?

So I made it my mission to create the most natural blood mary mix that still tastes amazing, but cuts out over half of the sodium and most or all of the fake shit. I found the ingredients I needed at and Wholefoods.

The secret ingredient in making your mix taste amazing is lots of fresh lime and lemon juice.  I use two whole limes and lemon in each batch. I like to make a batch or double batch, depending on the number of people who will be drinking it, the night before. It lets the flavors marry and mellows it out a bit.  I only like Tabasco as the spicy element. I have made mixes with several different hot sauces, and the plain Tabasco is the best.

Bloody Mary natural ingred

Garnish, don’t forget the garnish. I like lots of goodies in my bloody mary. Celery sticks, organic green olives, organic jarred peppers. Large boiled shrimp are great, cheese squares, pickled beans or asparagus.

The more, the merrier in my book.

Below is the recipe. I know you will find this mix to be spicy, fresh and delicious!

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